July, 2012

Freddie Wong Uses Galaxy S3 To Film Latest Video

YouTube celebrity Freddie Wong is known for his videos which use special FX and action sequences which match that of […]

The World Of Viral Videos

When internet video sharing began, it became a way for regular people to share their passions, jokes and skills. It […]

After Countless Leaks, Is This Finally The iPhone 5?

Poor Apple. It must be extremely stressful trying to hide a product which has more media attention than any other […]

Apple’s Latest Mac Adverts

Apple’s latest Mac adverts are due to air during the London 2012 Olympics for the next fortnight on American television. […]

Celebrate Android 4.1 With Jelly Bean Wallpaper

  Android 4.1 is gradually making it’s way on to phones across the world, and to celebrate, The Jelly Belly […]

My Week With Android Jelly Bean

For the past week, I have been using an Alpha version of Android Jelly Bean on my HTC Desire S. […]

Celebrate The Olympics With Google’s Doodle

Google is celebrating the opening ceremony of the London 2012 Olympics with a dedicated doodle on the search engine’s homepage […]

Zombie-Proof Car by Hyundai

In the event of a zombie apocalypse, your’e going to want to be prepared. It’s one thing to have a safe […]

Google ‘Handwrite’ Wants You To Write, Not Type

Google have quietly released a handy new feature for searching the web from a mobile phone or tablet. Google Handwrite […]