May, 2012

Sony MDR ZX700, A Review

The Sony MDR ZX700 is the more superior big brother to the ZX500s, offering a sound quality to match that […]

Cool Bananas Netbook Organiser, A Review

Thanks for GearZap for sending this to review! Back in April the Geeks Have Landed team attended the Gadget Show […]

Chrome OS Receives Big Update

Google’s attempt to take on the PC market hasn’t been great. The launch of the Chromebook has been met with […]

SKINNY Keyboard Case for iPad 2

This is without a doubt, the best keyboard case for the iPad I have ever seen. The SKINNY is the […]

Proxima Watch By Samsung

Relax. It’s only a concept. The Samsung Proxima is a futuristic take on the interactive watch we saw released by […]

Who Cares? : Hawken

‘Who Cares?’ is an ongoing feature where I, Stephen Weaver, look at the some of the hottest games not yet […]

Wooden Earphone Organizer

If you listen to a lot of music, then you will be aware that all earphones, no matter the brand, […]

This Video Was Filmed With Google Glasses

Google have released the first video ever to be filmed with ‘Project Glass’, the concept eye wear revealed back in […]

Creating A Facebook Page: Flowchart

I need to stop spending my time browsing, there are so many interesting infographics, each with a brilliant design […]

Metro Blocks are Nano-Style Gadgets By Nokia

Here is a concept created by one of the actual designers at Nokia, who describes the idea as ‘Rectangles galore!’. […]