A Light Bulb That’s Also a Speaker, I Have Heard It All Now!

LED + Wireless Speaker the Sengled Pulse Ok so when I was sent these wireless speaker bulbs to test I […]

Nano Quadcopter A Must For Gadget Lovers.

Q4 White Nano Quadcopter This is the quad copter which has been very kindly supplied to me to try from […]


5 Weirdest Developments In App Gaming

In the app market, there is virtually no need for this kind of restraint. While the games can still be very expensive and time-consuming to make, they are still far easier to produce than most console titles.

Around the world infographic_white_Final1

Around the world in 50 years: Tech that changed the world

Around the world in 50 years: Tech that changed the world

drone danger to securrity

Are Drones A Danger To Home Security?

Unmanned drones have become a popular commercial gadget in recent years and are readily available online for relatively cheap amounts.

4K Television Infographic

4K Televisions

What are the benefits of a 4K Televisions, well I will let this infographic explain

Roku 3 1

Could You Replace Your Sky Subscription With A Media Streamer?

Does your living room need a streaming media player like the well-established Roku, or Google’s inexpensive Chromecast?

mac book pro

SSD Performance on Laptops

Solid-state drives and hard disk drives perform the same basic tasks in laptop computers. They write, store and retrieve information. The difference is that HDDs contain mechanical parts, such as a motor and a spinning platter. On the other hand, SSDs use flash memory chips. These devices work the same way as thumb drives, but they operate more reliably and quickly.

splash water resistance

Win Splash Water Resistant Coatings For Smartphones

Your chance to win a water resistance spray for your smartphone.

rugged computers

The Rise of Mobile Computers

Mobile computing is a rapidly expanding industry. Indeed, over recent years the market has seen a dramatic shift from traditional desktops towards portable devices, such as smartphones, tablets, handheld PDAs and wearable computers.